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What is 96DEGREE?

96DEGREE is an open social network of Forex traders from all over the world (many of them trade metals, commodities, indicies and other instruments too!). It is the brainchild of a team of FX veterans, with over 18 years of combined FX experience and success.

One of our core philosophies is simplicity and ease of use. 96DEGREE enables users to simply and easily communicate trade information and interact with other traders of all experience levels from all over the world along with the ability to view, copy, discuss and follow their trades in real-time, analyze past performance and much more.

Our great features

Account Linking

Members can link their existing brokerage account in less than 5 minutes. Simply register, enter your account number, and the 96DEGREE Bridge handles the rest!

Privacy & Security

You have complete control over your account privacy: share as much or as little as you'd like. 96DEGREE uses industry-standard encryption methods for transferring and storing your data.



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